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Archiweek 2006 Bandfest - ~Orange Sky~

Feb. 24th, 2006

08:17 pm - Archiweek 2006 Bandfest

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What: Archiweek Bandfest 2006
When: Feb. 25, 2006; Saturday; 7pm
Where: UST field near Beato Angelico Building, (near Espanya cor. P.Noval )

Bands: Orange Sky, Do'ahou, etc and guest mainstream band.

no entrance fee, just enter the espanya p.noval gate, and see the bands rock.
thanks!see you there! - orange sky

and we have a pending gig on Monday, feb 27, 2006, In Ust too, in front of the Main Building (Benavides)

friendster: orangesky_band@yahoo.com